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Our Biggest Sale Ever!

*50% Off Almost Every Single Stock Dress

*Our samples are sized 6-14

*All sale items must be taken away on day of purchase


Terms and Conditions apply. Please see below for more details:

1.  100% of item cost will be taken on day of purchase. Items will be taken away on day of purchase. Payments are non-trasnferable and non-refundable.

2.  Prices shown do not include any alteration costs.  We have a list of independent seamstresses from which a customer may choose. Alteration costs are payable to the seamstress by separate negotiation.  Alterations are not the responsibility of Nell'Amore Bridal Wear Consultancy, and Nell'Amore Bridal Wear Consultancy cannot be held responsible for any matters arising from the use of these independent seamstresses.

3.  Nell'Amore Bridal Wear Consultancy does not accept any liability to  the customer in respect of any loss or damage however caused to the customer's goods after purchase and collection.

4.  Nell'Amore Bridal Wear Consultancy agrees to provide advice and guidance in the choice of design, size and measurements of the sample sale dresses and accessories.  However, the customer shall decide all such matters.  Nell'Amore Bridal Wear Consultancy accepts no responsibility  for the choice made or any problems which result from any change in the customer's instructions or due to the customer's increase or decrease in weight or size subsequent to the date of purchase and up to the wedding date inclusive.

5.  During the sale period Nell'Amore Bridal Wear Consultancy will operate a fault check list for sale dresses and accessories.  The customer will be required to read and sign the sale check list following inspection with a member of staff from Nell'Amore Bridal Wear Consultancy on the day of purchase and collection.  Nell'Amore Bridal Wear Consultancy will not be liable for any defects or discrepancies subsequently dscovered or consequentially compensate whatsoever due to the supply of the goods or their use.

6.  It shall be the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all requirements applicable to the contract, whether statutory, regulatory, municipal and for otherwise howsoever are duly complied with.




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