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Arranging your Wedding Transportation? Follow these Easy Steps!

Do not underestimate this task! Arranging wedding transportation for you and your guests can be a nightmare. Fortunately, we’ve heard the rumors and have learnt the pitfalls. This wedding hack will save you (literally) hours of needless correspondence and prevent any transportation disasters from occurring on your wedding day. Trust me, If your guests are not able to get to your wedding, It can be one of the most stressful things that can happen on the day. Here is how to avoid it and make sure everything goes smoothly.

  •     Count total number of guests

This step is pretty easy. Count the number of people who ” Need transport?” who have brought up the fact they need transport on the day.
Tip: Make a homemade Speadsheet to make this matter more mangable, also pass this spreadsheet onto a bridesmaid or best man. If there are any problems with the transport company on the day of the wedding, this will allow them to easily contact all the affected guests.

  • When do you need to arrange transport for?

There are 3 main times on your wedding day when you may need to arrange guest transport:

To collect guests from a central location and take them to your ceremony venue. This is mainly if your ceremony venue is in a difficult place to reach.

Between the ceremony venue and reception venue. If your ceremony venue and reception venue are more than 5 mins walk away from one another you will probably need to arrange transport between them.

To return guests to a central location (or near their house) at the end of the night. Again, this is mainly only needed If your reception venue is in an area with no transport options.

A coach company may be willing to take a route with a few drop-off points to deliver your guests near their homes.
Once you sorted the transport options you need to provide, an email to your guests.

  • Create email list – contact all

Create a new email list (or Facebook messenger conversation) with only the guests who require transport. Contact them all and ask whether they require transport:
a) to take them to the ceremony venue?
b) between the ceremony venue and the reception venue?
c) to return them to a fixed location at the end of the night? (this would be if your reception venue is in an area with no transport options)
d) a selection of the above

As you receive responses, add them to the Guest Transport spreadsheet.

  • Ask your venue if they cater to coaches?

Some venues may have small entrances which can only cater to small vehicles or may not allow larger vehicles on their grounds. Check with you venue if they have any restrictions.

  •  Contact transport companies

Do a Google search for some local transport companies and send them all the following email:

"I am emailing to enquire whether you could provide a [number of guests] seat coach on the date of [your wedding date] to provide transportation for my wedding guests
The trips I would require would be:
[number of guests] going from [location A] to [location B] at [time]
repeat further trips if needed
I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks”
After you've received replies and worked out best price, add the details to the Guest Transport spreadsheet.

  •     Make the booking

Book the transport company and make sure to get an email confirming all the details. Email list to advise of pick up times/locations. Finally, send an email to your email list confirming all the details (pick up times/locations) and transport company name so they know who to look out for. You may even want to send them your guest transport spreadsheet so they have all the details and they know who else is travelling with them.

Follow these steps and you will successfully book your guest transport with as little effort as possible and will have secured yourself in the eventuality that anything goes wrong with the transport company on the wedding day.

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