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The Final Wedding Checks

Time to finalise the details with your wedding vendors. For the most part, this is just a quick email/call to clarify that they have the correct details and everything is good-to-go for the wedding day. You can use your wedding vendor check list to keep a note of this.

Hopefully, most of your vendor arrangements are already made and you have very little left to confirm. Here are the final arrangements you will be making with each vendor.

  • Wedding Dress – Pickup date/time
  • Groom Outfit – Pickup date/time
  • Cake maker – Time of arrival the day before(location and who will meet them)
  • Officiant – Time of arrival
  • Photographer – Time of arrival and image requests
  • Videographer – Time of arrival and video requests
  • Make-up Artist – Time of arrival
  • Hairstylist – Time of arrival
  • Wedding car – pickup time
  • Guest Transport – Pickup times, locations and numbers
  • Caterer – Time of arrival and timings
  • Band/DJ – Time of arrival, first-dance, set-list and timings
  • Entertainers – Time of arrival and timings

This is your final communication with your vendors before the big day so take this opportunity to clarify anything you are unsure about, and of course write it down. You don't want to be waking yourself up at 2am trying to rememeber what your photographer said.

Take a look at the rest of our wedding day check list below to make sure everything else is sorted on this list. 

Have you completed these following tasks?

  • Welcome baskets prepared
  • Favours prepared
  • DIY decorations made
  • Printables printed
  • Signs printed and twined
  • Table decorations gathered and packed
  • Miscellaneous decorations packed
  • All attire collected and packed
  • Flowers for mothers of bride and groom collected
  • Arranged collection of cake
  • Confirmed all vendor arrival times
  • Wedding Party briefed


Ladies and Gents you're good to go. 

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