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Tips for buying your wedding dress

It comes easy to many brides, but the process of finding your wedding gown can sometimes stress even the calmest of brides.  This article will walk you through the process of finding the perfect dress. 


Begin the search with a positive attitude

If you think you won’t be able to afford or find your ideal wedding gown,you may may end up believing nothing will flatter.  The truth is, there is a beautiful dress out there within any budget. 



Before you visit the shops, it can be helpful to gather ideas and inspiration so you can catch up on current fashions and, ultimately, your likes and dislikes.  Magazines are a good place to start. If a particular designer catches your eye, visit his or her website and view the whole collection.  Printing out designs can help your bridal consultant visualise potentially good styles. She can then recommend dresses you may like.  Ask yourself: "What kind of dress can I picture myself wearing on my big day?".


Try On

Research will take you only so far. Dresses look very different worn to how they appear on the hanger or on a model. So the best thing to do is to book an appointment at a few bridal boutiques and start trying on.  Strapless bras can help, so bring them along to your appointments. And, if you are very organised and have already bought shoes, veil or tiara, take them too.  It might make your choice easier if you can create, as close as possible, your wedding day look. Some basic rules are as follows:

If you do not have a model's figure (6 feet tall and very slim), chances are the dress won’t look the same on you as it does the model. In lots of cases, you’ll probably look better.  Dresses are designed to flatter a woman's shape, and they are so well structured these days.

Some designs are subject to surcharges for larger sizes.  Generally, curvier women are discouraged from wearing fishtail dresses. However, I believe if you love your figure, flaunt it.  It’s all about confidence, and so long as you love it, your partner will too. And that’s all that matters!

If you haven't found your dream wedding dress, or haven't started looking come and see us at our beautiful bridal shop, 14 High Street, Halstead, Essex.



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